pedestal pink vase

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pedestal pink vase

Decorative pieces

A preoccupation with linking the European ceramic and decorative art styles of the past with the present day is very much in evidence with Katrin's decorative ceramic practice. References to Georgian and Baroque interior design, Dutch still life and vernacular painting, Italian Majolica and European Delftware can all be detected in her work.  Wheel-thrown multi part compositions, triple handled baluster jugs, fluted candlesticks and hand-built lidded flower bricks are exquisitely hand painted with coloured slips and underglazes.  These traditional materials and techniques make her feel connected to the long and distinguished line of European makers of decorated earthenware that stretches back hundreds of years. 

Katrin's creative output is very much animated by her education in History of Art and English Literature. Her pieces effortlessly marry the two subjects together with humour, joy and great sensitivity.


The literary theory known as ‘reader response’ is at the foundation of katrin moye's investigations into found texts and classic literature. her pieces are realised in three dimensions with carefully constructed and painted sculptures, platters and recreations of historical ceramics such as albarello jars, posset pots, pill slabs and leech jars.

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