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Katrin Moye

A contemporary chronicler of historical ceramics.

Katrin Moye’s background in Art History and classic literature informs her production of contemporary versions of historical ceramics, which express personal observations and commentary on aspects of contemporary life.  Her interest in the past provides the starting point to identify commonalities between experiences of the present and those of the people who made and used often defunct historical vessels such as posset pots, albarello jars and bleeding bowls.

Her research into the history of European decorative pottery styles such as Maiolica and Delftware provides an ideal platform to engage with themes such as Covid-19, the menopause and government communication styles, all with an appropriate measure of wit and a desire to burst a pompous bubble or two. For Collect Open, she has produced a set of large scale maiolica style pharmacy jars illustrating her experience of menopause

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"My ceramic pieces are the realisation of my research, exploration and interrogation of classic literature and found texts. Driven by a deep fascination with the unique relationships between individuals and objects, these creations are my personal interpretations."
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Collect 2024, A Menopause in Majolica

‘A Menopause In Maiolica’ is my project for Collect Open, and is my response to the experience I’ve had of menopause, using the style and visual language of Italian Renaissance Maiolica pharmacy jars to depict various aspects of ‘the change’, both negative and positive.  

a devotion to form

Decorative Pieces

A preoccupation with linking bygone European ceramics and decorative art styles with the present day is distinctly evident in Katrin’s ceramic practice. References to Georgian and baroque interior design, Dutch still life and vernacular painting, Italian majolica and European delftware are all found in her work.

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a love of language


A literary theory known as ‘reader-response’ is the foundation for Katrin’s project work. Her meticulously constructed and hand painted creations bring found texts and classic literature into tangible existence. With humour and joy she creates a multitude of shapes; sculptures, platters and historical recreations, albarello jars, posset pots, pill slabs and leech jars.

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Katrin shapes her work around whole collections inspired by chosen texts and European ceramic traditions. Between larger collections for galleries and museums she takes on a small number of individual private commissions each year.

For more information about exhibiting Katrin's work and commissions please get in touch.

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