Katrin Moye

A contemporary chronicler of historical ceramics.

Ceramicist Katrin Moye is sought after worldwide for her intricately patterned decorative pieces. Her work symphonizes her academic background in English Literature and Art History.

Her practice encompasses wheel-thrown, hand built and sculptural earthenware pieces, all exquisitely hand painted using coloured slips and underglazes. This contemporary synthesis of traditional techniques and materials places Katrin’s work in the modern world, whilst maintaining the connection with the traditions of centuries of decorative European makers before her. The culmination of this is clear throughout Katrin’s humorous, sensitive and highly decorative ceramic pieces.

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"My ceramic pieces are the realisation of my research, exploration and interrogation of classic literature and found texts. Driven by a deep fascination with the unique relationships between individuals and objects, these creations are my personal interpretations."
a devotion to form

Decorative Pieces

A preoccupation with linking bygone European ceramics and decorative art styles with the present day is distinctly evident in Katrin’s ceramic practice. References to Georgian and baroque interior design, Dutch still life and vernacular painting, Italian majolica and European delftware are all found in her work.

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a love of language


A literary theory known as ‘reader-response’ is the foundation for Katrin’s project work. Her meticulously constructed and hand painted creations bring found texts and classic literature into tangible existence. With humour and joy she creates a multitude of shapes; sculptures, platters and historical recreations, albarello jars, posset pots, pill slabs and leech jars.

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Katrin shapes her work around whole collections inspired by chosen texts and European ceramic traditions. Between larger collections for galleries and museums she takes on a small number of individual private commissions each year.

For more information about exhibiting Katrin's work and commissions please get in touch.

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